Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Love Dave's Killer Bread!

Maybe some of you haven't heard, but on the West coast there's a bread out there that's rockin' all the artificial extras out of pre-sliced loaves and tuning in the protein, fiber, and organic whole grains to create the seediest smoothest sounds on the shelves. Toping my charts in the bakery aisle is Dave's Killer Bread. It's a bread that rocks my world with it's killer taste, texture, and it's dedication to the most authentic organic ingredients.

I Love Dave's Killer Bread from all things delicious on Vimeo.

This month, to kick off my cookbook launch and to celebrate the fact that their warbling wheat is now available in Fairway, I made a video to honor the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Spring Induction ceremony. We're "toasting" the eight new Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees and paying homage to them with toast recipes to cover and characterize all their classic hits. Here's the set list:

1 First on the line up: Bill Wither's Just the Two of Us Toast on Dave's Thin Sliced Twenty-One Grains seared with a soulful slice of butter and two sunny side up eggs, because after all, they're "aint no sunshine when you're gone." Just these two ingredients is all you'll need.

2. Next on stage, Ringo Starr's All Starr Toast: Skillet seared on Blues Bread and smeared with Chicken Liver Mousse to go back to his Liverpool roots. Ringo's classic masterpiece, Octopus's Garden is faithfully recreated with a tender combination of charred octopus and dusted with his very own "Starr" star anise.

3. In Joan Jett's Cherry Bomb Toast, DKB Powerseed is were covered in sumac and cloves, to start off slow in "Crimson and Clover." We're dropping our "Cherry Bomb" with freshly popped skillet cherry tomatoes and topped with none other than Blackened Artichoke Hearts.

4. Sit back for a smooth ride on The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Strawberry Jam Toast: Bring back that Blues Bread, go deep in a field of creamy butter, and spread some sweet Strawberry Jam all over this sweet soulful morning slice.

5. We're keeping it high class with The Five Royales Royal Toast: Toasting in their royal lineage on Dave's classic Good Seed Bread, we're smearing on Royal Jelly Butter Honey and crowning their Blues dynasty with what else but roasted Royal Trumpet Mushrooms and King Crab. And on that final sleek note, we're letting a Royal Velouté sauce take a solo all over this reigning sweet salty combo.

6. On Stevie Ray Vaughn's Little Wing Toast we're hitting all his power tabs on Dave's Power Seed Bread and going back to his Dallas roots with Smoky Texas-Style BBQ battered chicken wings.

7. And for Lou Reed's Berliner Egg Cream Sunday Morning Brunch Toast we're starting this "Perfect Day" on Dave's Good Seed soaked in egg and milk, and then seared for an Egg Cream French toast. Spread marmalade on that like the creamy inside of a "Berliner" doughnut and slice off a few banana pieces from the Velvet Underground's iconic cover art to stamp your morning with Lou. Finally, listen through Berlin all the way through (that whole album ins a masterpiece) with a chord of dusted power sugar.

8. And for the final act "Nice Guys Finish Last" with Green Day American Idiot-Proof Toast: It's pretty simple. Dave's Twenty One Grains lays down a slice for "21-Guns," and let's hope any idiot can pop a slice into the toaster to crank up some of these toast classics.

So order your backstage pass early to the release of Better on Toast that hit shelves March 31st and meanwhile rock out to eight of these great artist's hits on some of Dave's Killer Bread!

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